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Excel Music and Sara were a great fit for Kaylin and she has grown tremendously as a musician.

Thank you for all you have done to motivate and encourage her.
We will always recommend Excel Music as an excellent music school.
Thank you.
- Karla Price


Both of my sons, ages 13 and 11, are on their third year at Excel Music. They began with zero knowledge and now can play many complex songs such as Stairway to Heaven, Angie, etc. Being strong academic students, we are always looking for positive ways to enrich their education...Excel has partnered with us to help us accomplish just that! They are straight A students, and recently my 7th grader got to take the SAT early and scored 1100. We believe those weekly music lessons have contributed to their academic success, as well as give them self-confidence with their new skills. Their instructor inspired them to not only play on a USF stage at their fall and spring recitals, but got them to sing! That we still can't get over since they barely sing for us in the house! Both of my sons play competitive baseball and lacrosse, and it is so easy to work in a 30 minute weekly music lesson. I've gotten to know the owners who are absolutely passionate about their business, students, instructors, and parents. The entire staff has consistently shown 100% professionalism and always works with our requests whenever possible. My boys go year-round...we don't take the break in the summer. It is so nice in a world of computer gadgets that my kids pick up their guitars without being asked and play almost daily. We are grateful for the talent at Excel Music, and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to add an entertaining and fun hobby to their family life!
- Lori Bleckley

I consider myself extremely fortunate
to have found Excel Music.

I have been taking piano there now for over 2 years. Learning to play the piano was one of the goals I set for myself when I retired back in 2005. Since finding Excel, my piano learning experience has been all positive - extremely gratifying and very healing during stressful times in my life. Before finding Excel my experiences taking lessons were not all positive... first taking lessons at another school and then taking lessons in my home. I was determined to continue though, and finally managed to find Excel. I have had several instructors during my time at Excel and have benefited greatly from each of them... each using different approaches and moving me forward in different directions. It is very obvious that a high level of professionalism is required of all of the staff at Excel. I have also found all of the staff to be very responsive and sensitive to individuals' needs. circumstances. and life situations that sometimes interfere with the learning experience. The policies and procedures at Excel are well-defined and consistently adhered to, and consumer input is welcomed and utilized to create new policies or modify existing ones. I have already and will continue to highly recommend Excel to my friends. Highly qualified staff, in combination with a warm and personal approach to dealing with students and their families, makes Excel a top-shelf environment in which to pursue learning music.
- Linda McGann

I've attended Excel for 2 and 1/2 years, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

The staff was great, all the teachers were very friendly, the lessons were clear and very easy to learn and practice later on, and their instruments were very modern. Thanks to Excel Music I learned how to play the guitar and sing, and now I do both at my home church. Although I might not be an expert at either yet, had it not been for them my life would not be as joyful as it is.
- Anthony Pierre

Talented staff, well run,
great experience!!

As an aspiring multi-instrumentalist living in Tampa, I was at a loss for finding a single school nearby where I could learn from experienced teachers and professional musicians of all different backgrounds - Until I discovered Excel Music! My learning experience at Excel has been excellent. Having the option to influence the flow and direction of where my education is going, and spending so much time working on my craft with a fun and experienced professional musician/teacher has been exactly what I need! I will ALWAYS recommend Excel Music to my friends and their families. Here's a note to keep in mind - While availability varies by time slot, there are multiple teachers for each discipline offered. If you feel like one particular teacher has a background or style that you aren't completely interested in, ask about the other staff members! You'll be surprised how much experience and variety there is for you to choose from.
- Liam Hawkins

You have done a great job in organizing this event.

The teachers in your institute are very hard working and dedicated and it was evident from the recitals. I look forward for more events like this one.
- Bhupaish Sinha

Thank you Excel Music.

My girls LOVE their lessons and are LEARNING so much! My children take violin and flute at Excel and they love it. They have really connected with their teachers and are learning so much so fast. As a parent, I appreciate the courteous front desk staff and the convenience of a consistent schedule. Instead of having to cancel when a teacher is sick, they provide a sub. That's a good thing! My girls have had the opportunity to work with a teacher who has different things to offer and we don't have to skip a lesson or try to find an alternative on our own. Excel handles all of it! Thank you, Excel Music (and especially Sarah and Trevor). We love you!
- Mary Lynch

And from our teachers ...

As a piano teacher,

I have always felt that the primary goal of a music school should be to set a standard of excellence for every teacher that is unmatched, and to create an atmosphere which brings every student to the wonder and joy that is music.
Excel does all this and more. Whether the student studies piano, voice, guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion, or stringed instruments, all are given the opportunity and tools here to be the best they can be, and most importantly, to have FUN doing it.
It is a pleasure and a privilege to teach at Excel; this school is aptly named.
- Michael Ayers

As a musician and educator,

I am so happy to work at a music school where I am able to focus on what I really care about: Music. At Excel, I am surrounded by professionals dedicated to giving their students the best musical education available, and I really appreciate the quality of the staff and faculty here. Having worked at other music studios, I was often disappointed by the lack of education and experience of the other faculty. My favorite thing about Excel is that I am able to work with musicians who have performed and studied all over the world, and we are all working toward a common goal for our students. I have been teaching voice for over six years, and I am so happy to have spent the last four of those years at Excel.
- Jen Stephenson

It has been a pleasure teaching music lessons,

specifically flute lessons in New Tampa here at Excel Music. Developing a unique relationship with each student makes my job enjoyable and seeing each student do their best is so rewarding! After playing the flute for 20 years and studying with such wonderful flute teachers I get to pass on their knowledge to new musicians!
- Sara Campion

Teaching guitar lessons
at Excel Music

allows me the opportunity, not to just instruct a discipline, but to present the student with an ear opening experience. I ask my guitar students to listen to their favorite music and hear beyond the lead voices and instruments, into the deeper richness of harmony and underlying rhythms. Guitar lessons become more fun because when students learn to listen better, they hear more and learning becomes a more pleasant experience. Students gain an awareness of the layers of sound. It is an intellectual as well as artistic process that effect all aspects of their lives. My experience teaching guitar lessons at Excel Music School allows me to be part of the process: listening, hearing, understanding, appreciating, communicating...all from guitar lessons!
- Bill Effingham

From the bottom
of my heart,

I want to thank you both for the opportunity to work at a first class music school. I can honestly say that Excel Music is one of the two BEST businesses that I have worked for (the other is Disney, so you are in elite company in my opinion). I have enjoyed every week of my time at Excel. You two are among the classiest people I have ever known and that quality shines through in the way that you run your school. I would recommend Excel Music to anyone who was looking for lessons or looking for a teaching job. You are certainly doing things the right way and I wish you nothing but the best in the years to come.
Thank you,
- Josh LaBell

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